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the way things were supposed to be - Put Down [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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the way things were supposed to be [Feb. 19th, 2007|03:23 pm]
[Current Music |mr t experience - ba ba ba ba ba]

i've been wrong.
everything i thought i knew about people and relationships has turned out to be the exact opposite of reality. i think i knew all along that something wasn't right. god forbid that something (or someone) was me. but i've made a (more or less) discovery today that, i think, may change my life. not in an astronomical way of course, but just enough. the perfect amount to get me back on track to finding me.

i used to believe that your enemies are the people you're supposed to watch out for. i was always concerned with what the people i hated were doing. which ones were reading my livejournal (oh my!), which ones were talking shit about me. but the truth is, those people should have absolutely no control over me.

its my friends, the ones that i keep close that i need to watch out for. the people you consider friends are the people who know your weaknesses. they know exactly what it takes to grab your heart and tear it into pieces. even if those aren't the intentions of those you hold dear, it's bound to happen. put all of your trust, your expectations, your hopes, your life into a person and you're basically giving up yourself. you have no defense against the kind of let down you can experience from a person you've given yourself to.

be careful about who you chose to be your true friend. and i don't mean acquaintances that you meet at school or work. or those people that you're just associated with through other friends. or those people that you hang out with that you know nothing about besides what drink they like to get fucked up on. i mean those people that you think you can give yourself to. how many people are worth that?

From: (Anonymous)
2007-02-20 02:39 am (UTC)
Good call, you're not gonna get hurt by people you don't care about.
But there are plenty of people that are worth 'giving yourself to'. True, you won't 'get hurt' by shielding yourself from everyone, but for the most part, the good will out weigh the bad.

It might be better to be more open and take chances, and not 'watch out for' anyone. That might make you more susceptible to getting hurt, but really, that's inevitable.

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